TweetBook Policies

Below are the Policies for using TweetBook.

Please note if you break any of them, you will be subject to warning.

On Profanity

As Doppelganger Network has some shows that are for more mature audiences,and the actors are a bit more mature, MILD profanity(i.e, hell, dammit, ass) is OK. No dropping the f-bomb. Some people just can't handle that.

On SockPuppetry

No, no, no NO sockpuppetry of ANY kind. Not even as an "account" for your character.

On Vandalism

Please do not edit other peoples' (whether it be "celebrity" or personal) TweetBook Pages. Especially for harmful purposes. If you fail to comply to this, you may be given a final warning.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact Minithepeanut, GotThatNerdySwag, or DancingIdiot. Thank you.