Make Your Own Tweetbook

First, make a page and call it "Template:@TweetbookName's Latest Update".

|Image= < Put the name of your image followed by its type e.g. Ellen09.jpg > 
|Name= < Put the name of your Tweetbook e.g. @EllieYork
|Update= < Put your update here. e.g. Hi. >

Should show up as.

Now make another page.

Call it Template:@TweetbookName's Archive

|image = < Put the name of your image followed by it's type e.g. Ellen09.jpg >
|UPDATE = < Put your update e.g. Hey, what's up. >

Should show up as

Now make another page.

Call it your Tweetbook's name (e.g. @EllieYork)

|Update = {{@TweetbookName's Latest Update}}
|Description = Description about yourself.
|Archive = {{@TweetbookName's Archive}}
|Friends = {{@Friend's TweetbookName's Latest Update}} <br /> {{@OtherFriend's TweetbookName's Latest Update}}
|Photos = [[File:Photo|200px|center|link=@TweetbookName's Photos]]}}

For example.

About Make Your Own TweetBook

I am an example
Make Your Own TweetBook's Older Updates

Make Your Own TweetBook's Friends

@YaBoyAlex's Newest Update

still trying to talk Benny into getting a tweetbook. He's refusing to for whatever reason. .-.

Make Your Own TweetBook's Photos


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